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Heated seats II

William Rule

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Two hundred miles {TOP DOWN} clear Colorado day----I like heated seats!!!! My 1990 convertible has an 'post-59602-143142916933_thumb.jpg88 glove box so I installed the seat controls as pictured. I did not enjoy haven' to open the glove box just to open trunk lid or gas filler. Far right button opens glove box.



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Yes. I moved the lighter when I added the ice chest.

That beats a simple cup holder! Does it actually have built-in refrigeration?

One of my cars (Rendezvous) has heated seats. Even here in California, they are nice for the little bit of cold we do have. As an aside, I've been reading a lot about 'plug in' cars lately. Some owners claim that with heated seats and heated steering wheel, you don't need to use the cars HVAC system as much. So there is a net savings on battery usage.

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How do they figure that. Anything that makes heat ie.. heated seat, heated steering wheel uses electricity.

Even more that the heater blower????

Electric car doesn't have a ICE to make heat as a by-product. So they either have to use resistance heating or a heat pump to heat the cabin. (Heat pumps are more efficient, but more expensive.) Some folks apparently find it adequate to simply use the seat warmers and heated wheel rather than waste all the energy warming the whole cabin. A car like a Volt or i3 REX (electric, where the ICE is only used for range extension) can benefit as well.

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