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63 suspension kits??


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I need to start replacing suspension parts, shocks, body mounts etc. on my 63. Everything is original so the car drives like a ski boat. Any suggestions on where to start?? I've seen suspension kits on line, but they all seem to only have a few of the parts I would need. It seems like it would be wise financially to buy as many parts as possible in a kit as opposed to buying a ton of individual parts.



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I ordered a master kit from PST. It was around $400. It included ALL the wear items to recondition the Steering and front Suspension, Including the unobtainable inner tire rod ends. It also included the idler arm. The only other part I had to find was the drag link, Thanks Ed!!! I was very pleased. You have to go on the web site, they don't list this kit in the catalog. Oh and the parts are made from rubber, not polyureathane.


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When the front end alignment specs were first dictated, these cars were rolling on bias ply tires. Since then, unless you're a true originality nut, you're running radial tires on your Riviera. Russ Martin, a nailhead guru from Grassvalley California (www.nailheadbuick.com - parts and tech advice) suggests that when you have your front end aligned, you go with these suggestions. (I copied this from the old Buick Nailheaders Yahoo group.)

I did a lot of testing with adding positive caster to old cars and found that 2 to3 degrees positive works wonders with tracking straight and cornering. The original spec's for alignment on these old cars was based on the crappy tires of the day and the under steer kept people from driving too fast and spinning out.

I just took a 65 Riv with negative .5 (OE specs) and changed it to positive 2 degrees, the car had been wandering on the freeway and plowing like mad in a corner. The customer called me back and told me that I had worked miracles with his car; he thought his tires were bad! In addition, it gives you more road feel so it does not steer TOO easy. Try it, you will be amazed, but you have to tell your shop what you want or they will use the old spec's which are out of date. ------ Russ Martin, Centerville

I would have to go out on a limb and say that if you installed one of Dan's (Lares, Inc.) faster ratio steering boxes and used Russ's alignment specs, that you'd be amazed at how good the steering in your car would feel.


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