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Locomobile style 1 and style 2 steamers

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Hi; Someone told me there are about 20 differences between a 1899 and the 1900 Locomobile steamer. Does anyone know any of them? Also what is the difference between the Style 1 and 2 models? Thanks in advance. JO BO

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Very old post, but a good question.

I'll list the differences I can recall.

The Style 1 was an 1899, the Style 2 came out in 1900



Stlye 1 center tiller steering  Style 2 Side tiller steering

Style 1 Mason model 70 engine  Style 2  Locomobile designed their own engine with many upgrades

Style 1 13" boiler  Style 2 14" boiler

Style 1  150 psi max pressure Style 2 250 psi max steam pressure, respectively, 3-1/2 horsepower and 6 horsepower

Style 1 flat horseshoe bracing around the differential Style 2 round bar horseshoe bracing around differential

Style 1 Single acting brake which only operated going forward  Style 2 double acting brake which also operated in reverse.

Style 1 25 1/2" body base width Style 2 28-1/2" body base width

Style 1  51" wheeltread or stance Style 2 54" wheeltread.

Style 1 Bolts through the lower rear springs Style 2 replaced these with U-bolts

Style 1 Had no bracing in the lower rear axle tubes Style 2 angular cast in bracing was added


Wheelbase was the same on both at 58". Same gear ratios, same springs, same wheels and tires.


That is all the changes I can think of offhand.



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