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  1. For about ten years I purchased steam related antique things that were oftentimes rare. As a buyer, you don't have time for an extensive back and forth dialogue prior to purchase, someone else will buy the item. Early on with the feedback system, sellers and buyers were very cautious as to how they conducted transactions. The last few years after Ebay altered the feedback ranking, it got really bad with both parties, buyers pulling all sorts of crap on sellers. Buying a good item, returning a bad item for a refund etc. Ebay is simply no good anymore for the buyer and definitely bad for the sel
  2. Well, there's likely the problem. I can tell you from experience, I buy (used to, not anymore) a lot of antique steam related items in ''good used condition'', I would get it and it either needed serious repair or it had obvious damage that was purposely hidden in the pictures. I'm not saying you're guilty of that, but when aspects of an item that would substantially devalue it are clearly missing from the item description and pictures, don't blame the buyer for objecting. I got so fed up, I don't buy anything off of ebay anymore. The best was a ships clock and all the
  3. Posting box malfunctioned. Anyways, if it were mine I'd put the value closer to ten k Any chance he was a U of M fan, that is their colors.
  4. Oh ok I remembered it as California, but it was Oregon, I'll get it right next time. 😉 Ron
  5. Looks like trash left from a movie scene of it driving off that cliff. That was common. When Buster Keaton made ''The General'' the bridge blew up and the train fell in the river, they just left it there until the state of California went after him and got it removed by court order. During the same filming, they also started a brushfire that burned for days. The environment was of little concern back then. Ron
  6. Parking aid. Great for changing rear tires too 😁
  7. Locomobile

    Loco pics

    Not to be argumentative, but that doesn't look like him, he had a wide head shape. That's probably him in the right front. This pic was taken around 1902-3. The car looks to be a Stanley, Locomobile, grout or Conrad. The woman in the foreground resembles him, probably a family member. Here he is in 1915 (looks like he's wearing the same suit 😁) Ron
  8. They claim that, but I'll bet it's more like 5/15" to 25/29ths''. 🙄 Ron
  9. Forum discussion has to be stimulated. I'm very interested in steam boats and cars. When I went looking for online discussion about steamboats, there was nothing but a few dead forums. I kept checking back every few weeks and there was just an occasional "Where is everyone?" posts. I just started posting there, posting pictures of my project, asking questions that went unanswered etc. Eventually, people started responding and then more threads were started and more people got involved, and today, ten years later, it's still relatively active considering the obscurity of that hobby.
  10. Oy.. I would definitely cheat a bit with an oversize tap drill. 75% threads are not always imperative, especially with that material thickness. If you're not already use a good two flute tap with lots of oil. The center web of the two flute is much heavier. As I wrote above check with the local Machine shop or weld shop, they will likely have a tap burner. It's a carbon electrode connected to a variac transformer. They set the electrode on the tap and keep cranking the current up until it burns through it. An EDM machine can do it too. Taps are hard as glass and why they are so
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