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Lucas electrical part...possibly Simca 1204 or 1118?


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Definitely a wiper motor. It is a model 6WA, which were fitted to a few vehicles. The 755520 is the application number, which would say if it was made to fit a specific vehicle, or if it is a general purpose wiper motor. The 6 67 means it was made in June 1967. I don't know if it's a Simca part.

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Craig Gillingham... Thanks for your reply . I thought it might be a wiper motor, but wasn't sure. I have just come across the service manuals for the 1204, and the 1118 cars, so I'll go through them and see if the motor applies to either model. I got the parts from one fellow who had a '59 Aronde, so I feel it is probably applicable to Simca, even though the parts are newer than his '59. David.

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