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  1. We have run across the very same or similar noise on a variety of cars. It's possible that the p/s hose or hoses are not in their respective metal holders, and when pressure is produced via the pump, that the hose has enough vibration to cause the noise. You might try a repositioning of the hose or hoses and see if a difference is made. David.
  2. Padgett......Thanks for your reply. I have a solid 12.7v at the wiring harness connector on the + side, and show to have a good ground at the wiring harness connector on the - side. I did not however check to see about a good ground at the assembly itself. I just assumed since it is bolted to the firewall, it is properly grounded. Is this what you meant (to check - at the unit itself)? I did apply 12v to the pump itself, but it still would not run. Thanks, David. ('88 & 90 Reattas) Redstone is still very operational, and we have some new commands coming in, as well as personnel from th
  3. Hello all. On the subject of "no power assist" for the Reatta braking system: My 1990 suddenly lost power assist. Both the yellow and red lights are on. The pump motor is not running. I replaced the two relays at the firewall (just as a precaution, since they are also cheap), and no change. Upon checking at the wiring harness connector to the pump motor, I have a strong 12.7v. present, and a good ground. Also, providing 12v from the battery directly to the pump yielded the same result...no running of the pump. My conclusion....the pump has failed. Could not run further tests due to the pum
  4. Felix48, Good luck in finding one of those elusive pitman arms. I have owned a 1971 Crown MS75 for better than 20 years, and finally had to fabricate an arm. Not too bad of a job if you really need one for a temporary use. I'm also still looking for the pitman arm, and all the tie rod ends (inner and outer). Rear brake shoes are also a problem to find. I was able to use some that were an early Chrysler product application, don't remember which application though. Wheel cylinders are rebuildable if you are able to find the proper size cups (as long as the cylinder bore is smooth).
  5. Got the connectors from the salvage yard today for the '88. Wired them in, and got sound, but only through the left rear speaker (good quality and volume). The other speakers do power up, but can barely hear them. All of the radio functions seem to work properly (through the controller) other than the 3 speakers. Moving the connections in the module sometimes helps, and sometimes not. Getting a great amount of static when moving the connections at the module. The pins in the module may have corroded to the point of no return. Looks like I may need a module to replace this one? David.
  6. Looked again at the wiring harness and connectors on the '88 today. It appears that all wires are hooked up properly except for the speaker wiring, both front and rear. The PO had just bundled them all together, and then got power from his radio unit. The connectors that the wires were to go in have been discarded. I believe I have to find the proper 4-pin connectors, wire the speakers in, and may be ready to go. Got to go to the salvage yard tomorrow. I'll update when I get the wiring repaired. Thanks to all for your information. David.
  7. Padgett, Mc_Reatta, Thank you both. I did find the two connectors on the bottom, and they were plugged in. I'll look again on Ronnie's site for the connector wire post. I'll need to check for the blue connector, and see that all wires are in it. The speaker wires are probably the ones taped. I'll know tomorrow! David.
  8. I've got down to the radio module on my 1988 Reatta, and can only find two electrical connectors on the top of the module. There are, however, four spaces for connectors. One connector (white) is plugged in, and three spaces are open. I am assuming that there are other connectors to the module. What color connectors, and the order/color of the wiring in the remaining connectors. The PO had removed all of the aftermarket audio that was installed, and there are a number of wires that are taped, etc. I'll attempt to post a pic of the existing mess, and get a couple more and better pics tomorow
  9. Mc_Reatta, Thanks much for the information regarding access to the FSM, etc. All fuses have been checked, both in the inner fuse panel, as well as the underhood relay center. All check out OK. I'll get on the relays and grounds tomorrow. Fuse links also checked out OK. This car has been sitting for about a year, so grounds may indeed be a problem. The PO was unable to get it to run, but I found and replaced a failed crank position sensor. Was installed wrong, with improper gap/clearance. NCReatta, I have edited the signature to reflect the interior/exterior colors of the two Reattas.
  10. Have just acquired a 1988 reatta, and am having trouble with some items on it. The turn signals and 4 way hazard flashers do not work, however, the indicator lights on the cluster do light up. Turn and 4 way flashers? The horn is also inoperative. Ideas? I'll still need to check out the cruise system, trunk latch/pulldown, and trunk key lock assembly, headlight motors, a/c system, and a couple other items. I might possibly have some future questions about those areas. I'm also going to need a power window switch (left side just plain worn), and a power mirror switch Also a lot of wear).
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