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OHV Heads in Model Ts

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Guys, what are the approximate values for these units from say Rajo and Frontenac - or any others? I may have a line on one, make unknown as it has been in a basement for many decades. No details on make yet. This from someone we don't want to take advantage of so at this point a ballkpark on these would be helpful, I have seen a lot of these setups on the various forums, but not too many units available and priced.


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It really depends on the model. Each brand made racing heads and heads designed more for passenger car use. From photos, it would be easy to identify.

In terms of the 8 valve Fronty heads using rocker arms, the serial number will easily identify what type of head it is, it will likely begin with the letter prefix S, R or T. Fronty also made more exotic single and dual overhead cam heads which were for racing use only.

The 8 valve Rajo heads will either have all of the ports on one side indicating it is a C or C-35 head, or intake and exhaust ports on opposite side indicating it is a B or BB head. The B and BB heads are the most desirable. There in another Rajo variation has four valves instead of 8 which makes the engine into an F-head engine with four valves overhead and four en-bloc.

The value also depends on condition and completeness. These heads tend to be prone to cracking, especially if they have been excessively milled over the years or the valve seats have been enlarged. Water jacket cracks can be fixed without too much effort, combustion chamber cracks are another story. All of these heads had special intake and exhaust manifolds which are often missing. Valves and pushrods can be replaced with modern substitutes that can be machined and adapted accordingly, rocker arms, shafts and stands can be adapted or created as well if needed. The aluminum valve covers are available reproduction.

All four cylinder Ford speed equipment is desirable and valuable, but some of it is a lot more valuable than others.

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Thanks Guy & Bob also for the info on this! Age old lesson re-taught last week, when working on a project don't hesitate to mention it to whoever you can. Dad's coffee buddies so far have turned this head (if it works out, who knows but we are pursuing) and a nice speedster tank from a guy we had no idea was ever involved in "T"s -.

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