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1965 Cadillac Station wagon (NOT Ambulance or Hearse)

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I know of a '65 Cadillac station wagon. What can anyone tell me about them? I believe it was a Hess & Eisenhardt build. From what I have found, only 6 were built and in 2 body styles. This one is just sitting outside, but does not look to be forgotten. It is in great shape, possibly road-worthy. It is pictured in a couple places on the web (below is one of the pics), I'm hoping the current owner will let her go. By coincidence, I was just at the Denver Forney transportation museum to look at the only (and last by Hess & Eisenhardt) 1966 Cadillac wagon built. Now there are 2 Caddy wagons in Denver! As an aside, I happened to find a pic of the 1965 Cadillac tow truck my dad used in the 70s to repo cars with.

Any info on any that may have been sold? or maybe a value? It's a tough one to be sure.




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I was in Palm Springs a coup0e of years ago and was invited to take a look at some guys private collectiojn. Mostly Lincolns. But he had two Caddy wagons of this era (not sure of the exact years). Both were very rough. But he also said there were only 6 of them.

Love the tow truck.

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Hello! I am a new member here and ran across this thread. I had originally been searching info on Cadillac wagons. I was once the proud owner of the black Cadillac wagon shown above. I had purchased it from a gentleman in Encinitas, CA, who had inherited it from his recently deceased father. I drove it as a daily driver and even navigated Lombard street in San Francisco in it. I kept it for many years hoping to one day restore it, but ended up selling it to a guy in El Toro, CA, who owned a lube and tune shop. I believe I owned it for about 3 years or so, from 1989 to about 1992? I would have loved to been able to locate it and purchase it again, as I really miss that car. The guy I bought it from told me that there were only 10 built in 1965, but couldn't confirm that number.

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