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  1. That red Amphi is in a museum in Nebraska. I sent them some correct original ties to complete it and that pic looks like they never installed them. I never heard back from them either. Humm I'll try to post some pics later of the cars that have passed thru here... I certainly can't keep them all... damnit
  2. I've been away from my favorite forums, The AACA site for a while as I took a high Tech job as a favor to a friend, had enough of that worl and went back to low tech!. Just wanted to say hello and wish everyone happy holidays (whichever one is your preferred)! I've branched out into things that don't swim as I have grown accustomed to eating indoors, so I gotta go where the money is. Amphicars are getting to difficult to specialize in, so here are some of the non-amphicar vehicles I rehomed lately. I found 6, yes 6, 1972 Eldo ragtops in a guys backyard. He bought the cars, purchase
  3. They need not be perfect, or super nice. If you have some, let me know your price and condition. John 303 868-8384 (call or text)
  4. This 64 Dodge 880 custom HARDTOP WAGON is one of a mere 1639 produced which is a very low number to begin with, only about 30 or so remain. Truly a rare car. The hardtop Custom wagon was only made from 61-64 and is highly desirable (no "B" pillar). This is the final year for the hardtop wagons. Too bad, as that makes this car awesome!For clarity ... THE CAMPER IS NOT FOR SALE, the Dodge does not not have a hitch. This was going to be our tow car, but I'm going a different direction.The original numbers matching factory 361cid/ 265 hp Engine runs well and is resealed and repainted to a high qua
  5. I know Pontiac offered handicap hand controls as an accessory. Has anyone seen them? Anyone have any photos of them? I have a 1957 Star Chief and vintage hand controls would be a nice addition and I would not need my modern ones to distract from the car.
  6. The #1 issue I usually find is the grounds improperly done. #1 Improper; surface eyelet star washer screw. #2 Proper; clean bare surface star washer eyelet screw The difference is that in the 1st example the path is through the screw head then screw head and eventually the threads (poor connection), in the 2nd (proper) example is the path is directly through the eye to star washer. This has served me well for every connection I've done.
  7. Ted assaulted her, left severe bruises and such. She is doing what she needs to do to separate from him. I always thought he was not a good guy and he wanted show car prices for projects. Fake and staged crap. I hope she is successful wherever she goes.
  8. Sadly we haven't... yet. But I did buy a 59 Skyliner,,, and since sold it,
  9. I'm looking for a pair of these tail lights. They do not need to be perfect, just usable. Repops are fine. I want them for a 1958 Camper I have.
  10. I watched the "just add water" episode of Jay Leno's garage. Very cool stuff and I do love Jay and all he is, but I was disappointed by the red Amphicar they showed. It had a decent paint job, but was missing a lot of trim (headlight, taillight and hood), the engine bay was filthy, missing the wiper switch and throttle lock, horn face was incorrect and very rusty, the props were pretty dirty as well as several other details that should be addressed. I'm sure he could have found a better example to showcase on the show. Yes I know many may not have noticed, but I thought much of it
  11. The Road Knights were well aware I was bringing a 1958 Camper behind my 1964 Olds cvt. The problem came about only after I was there for about 4 hours and one of the club members complained. He tried to complain to me but he got impatient waiting for all the people that were surrounding my camper all day to leave so he could talk with me. (how ironic) .Once he was able to speak to me he was immediately quite rude and then only got more upset when I showed him the entry form where it clearly showed what I was bringing and confirmed by another (after I called him on the phone) that it was allowe
  12. I have a 1958 camper (and a 1963 Heilite tent camper) that I actually use and tow behind a few of my old cars. There are a lot of vintage camper sites and collectors. Last year we took our to a local car show (Road Knights in Colorado). They allowed it to come in but when I went to leave they treated us as if we tried to show 2015 camper, VERY rude!. They were mad that it was there and even said it shouldn't be there as it was not "transportation related"! What... what? Just how is it supposed to go camping if not behind a vehicle?? They tried to make us wait to be the absolute last one to lea
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YEA! What Matt said! Proper terminology is key to conveying specific information. Improper use of words can and will indicate a lot about the person using those words. Proper spelling is also key. If you spell and speak poorly, people will form a negative view of you and will question your intelligence. I know one guy who is a friend of mine, but he spells at a 4th grade or less level. He laughs it off but all those around him try to let him know that is not funny at all, very sad in fact. It affects his business but refuses to use the tools at hand to correct t
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