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New tires and their role in 2014 class judging


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I too was at Moline. What happened to you was very unfortunate. Hang in there. I'm sure you'll rake that award in down the road. If it's any consolation to you, I missed on my first AGNM try then got it on the next try and have been winning AGNM Sr.'s since then.

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I come to this thread a bit late..

Seems to me that if the only way to tell that these new radials are actually radials (as pictured above) are the letters on the inside...it should be acceptable to AACA.

I too am a purist, and am proud to have achieved Grand National Senior status with my '72 Plymouth. (In fact, my former Superbird was the first to get a Grand National 1st.) As a Chrysler car enthusiast, I realize that the AACA just can't be as knowledgeable about each make and model as those at a brand specific event. I know certain cars are well known the AACA...but not all.

The times I went through the AACA judging, I understood that as long as an engine, color, option, etc was available on that car...it wouldn't be a problem for judging. Meaning, my yellow Plymouth could've been painted any 1972 Plymouth color, with a V8 (instead of it's 6)...and none of this woud have garnered a deduction.

Plus...when I went to AACA Judging School, we were told about the "one knee rule". Also, my memory recalls that batteries, headlights, belts, tires, etc need to look correct for the era".

All that being said, it seems to me that when some things are so lax...what is the problem with a tire (again, providing the only way to tell it's "incorrect" is to look on the inside of the tire) as long as it looks right from the outside?

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I was at a swap meet recently and saw one of the radial tires at a tire suppliers spot and on the whitewall side of the tire it does state that it is a "Tubeless Radial". That should make spotting them easier.

If indeed this is the case...then a deduction would make sense.

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I have a problem with AACA allowing ANY type of paint and just saying it is OK to be OVER-RESTORED,

and also AACA sometimes allows items for safety.

WHY, WHY then does AACA nit-pik tires to death. Isn't the new tire just Over-Restored AND a safety item both?

Unless the average buyer (maybe even a picky one) would notice the difference on the lot, when they went to buy the car, I would allow them.

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If a rule is in the book ... then just follow the rule.

If the rule seems unfair or incorrect ... then bring it up at the correct forum and make your case for a change.

If we had machines doing the judging ... they would probably be 100% consistent. (no knee issues)

We are humans and are not infallible. We do the best that we can, in the situation we are in. It's about being period correct ... but also about being fun! If we are not having fun by getting all bent up about a judging topic ... well ...

I personally disagree with quite a few rules in the book ... but if I want to get a prize by having my car judged by the rules in the book, then I might as well play by the book and follow those rules.

I believe the ACCA is just trying to make the playing field static and as even and fair as possible within a dynamic hobby.

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