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  1. Which gallery are they in? Can you post a link?
  2. Based on the guidance given it sounds like this is a part that someone could use if it is not possible to find one in better condition. My view is, value is in the eye of the beholder! If it's all that's available and I need it, I'd be willing to pay the price to restore it. But that's me. In my mind, restoring that one part would need to be weighed against the costs and time associated with searching for a suitable substitute - if one can be found at all. A few hundreds spent here is probably a minor fraction of the total expense in a full restoration. It's not a money maker, but neither is restoring any car! Just my view!
  3. Please stop the magical thinking. While you are correct in that more testing will help bring more data, the data we have now shows this virus is far more contagious than the ebola and influenza viruses. (I hope the reports you're reading discuss the R0 of the virus.) The testing to be done will most likely show that the extent of this contagion is virtually unknown. It won't be anytime this year that we'll have any solid understanding of the impact. (e.g. Just in this morning's news out of Houston the hospitals are becoming overwhelmed, but the official numbers are not indicating any surge of cases.) Before this is over, every person in this country will either know someone who has contracted this virus, or will have contracted this virus themselves. It is not like the flu. I've had 2 friends of mine die from COVID-19 so far. One the same age (64,) the other several years younger. Both were in excellent shape, the younger an athlete. Don't make the mistake and think you're invincible. While it's accurate to quote the stats, you don't want to be one of those stats. Bottom line is we will not have any real expectation of having a large gathering of people this year. It won't be until a vaccine is developed and we get the knowledge of how to treat the disease that it will be reasonable to expect to resume such activities. The meet should be canceled. As someone above said "Plan for the worst, hope for the best."
  4. First, I would highly recommend an enclosed trailer, regardless of who you use for transport. Especially if the car is in excellent condition. Second, while there are many "good" providers out there, I would advise against using a broker or a discount hauler. I have learned from experience, you get what you pay for. It's also not worth the anxiety you'll face! I now exclusively use Reliable Carriers (https://reliable-carriers.com) I've used them for years to get my car to and from the Great Race. Passport Transport (https://www.passporttransport.com) and Intercity Lines (http://www.intercitylines.com) are also great. None of them are cheap! But it's worth the assurance and security. And if you need to be sure your car is there at the right time for an event, these guys are your best bet. A short story: I was going to trailer a 1967 Ford Ranchero from New Mexico to New York using my Tahoe, using a rented trailer. (The Ranchero was not running, had no brakes, etc.) Upon arriving at the seller's location, I discovered the guy had enough parts to make a second car! No way could I haul all that. I went to U-Haul and traded the car carrier for a trailer to haul the parts and called Reliable. They were able to schedule a truck to a remote part of New Mexico and pick up the non-running Ranchero in 2 days. It was delivered a few days later (and the driver helped me get it into my driveway!) I have always had a great experience with Reliable and now have a great working relationship. I'm sure you'll find instances with any company where a customer is disappointed, but I strongly recommend you go with one of the premiere carriers.
  5. Edsel, well said! I absolutely agree with your point of view.
  6. I know it's a little late, but the serial number on the block could help...
  7. Thanks! I'm looking for the original chrome plated arms. I'll give Mark a try. I appreciate your help!
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