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What's the best transmission fluid for my 1932?


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Guest outlaw car man

Jay- Check the Model A Ford boys- They have a 600W rear end/ tranny oil that I use. Someone said it tested to like 160W. Called a F-330 or something, I have a qt in the shop I use to top off stuff.


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I did a rear end and transmission flush on a 1931 Pierce-Arrow about 20 years ago and checked with Pennzoil techs about the replacement for 600 weight oil. This was their recommendation and I have a couple bottles in the garage: http://www.pennzoil.com/other-car-products/transmission-fluids-and-gear-oil/pennzoil-gearplus-sae-80w-90-gl-5/

FYI, the PA had no drain for the rear axle. The carrier bolts did go into open threaded holes. I pulled a lower bolt and drained the really old stuff out. Then I drive the car 30 miles. After the first 30, I drained again and refilled. The third draining showed crystal clear so I was sure the flush was thorough.

Nice way to drive a Pierce-Arrow a hundred miles and get paid, too!


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