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Rust Conquered in the 39

Anzac Buick64

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We have finally finished fixing all the rust in the family 39 sedan. all the usual places were involved;the trunk beaver tail, windshield divider , sill, (rocker panels to you USA folk), front and rear guards the floors, and the running board mounting brackets. While its easy to look at the rust there was always lots of metal that was good and at least we have done it without taking the body of the frame. I believe that you should always consider the glass to be half full. The car now heads off to the paint shop. It was last painted 21 years ago but it had sat for many years prior to this in a "bare filler" state and some of that old filler clearly absorbed water. Over time this has bubbled through the paint in about 4 spots on the car. So only these bits will be taken back to bare metal , the rest of the paint will be sanded back a little and re coated. I have attached a few photos here bur there are more in my gallery.













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