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  1. Beautiful work Matt, a credit to your engineering skills. And yes it is just money. As i remind my wife"if your hobby is not costing you money then you are not doing it right" keep at it Cheers Andrew
  2. The Best Part. I like it ..... a lot!!! Well done Cheers Andrew
  3. Love this thread which I just found today. so here is a photo of my 39 sedan. It was sold new in New Zealand in December 1939. It is a RHD NZ assembled Buick with a Fisher body not the Holden body seen on many Australian Buicks. It a Special but was sold with the Century external and internal trim. (hence the outside trim on the windows and the centre rear seat arm rest) It has been in my wife's family since 1972 and was our wedding car in 1994 and also for her sister in 1995. I purchased the car of the family estate in 2002 and have over the last 4 years done an extensive frame on restorat
  4. I hear your pain I am re doing drains and walls on my own house here in Australia. Rain is a problem here. Jan 26 th last year we had 875mm (35 inches)rain in 24 hours! You soon find out where the water goes. With winter stay inside and do the CAR! The day you die the inbox and in tray will still be full. No one ever says on there death bed " i wish I had spent another day at the office..." Cheers Andrew
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