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  1. Beautiful work Matt, a credit to your engineering skills. And yes it is just money. As i remind my wife"if your hobby is not costing you money then you are not doing it right" keep at it Cheers Andrew
  2. Hi there Sorry to say but i ended up going down the re vulcanisation path. From memory i think engine mounts are another 1 year only on the 39. You may just have to bite the bullet and do this. I Looked for a better alternative 2 years back and could not find it. I think both Bobs Automobilia and maybe Steele Rubber offer re vulcanisation but there maybe some one closer to you and maybe cheaper. Cheers Andrew
  3. So I went to unlock the trunk on my 39 last week and when I pulled the key out the lock barrel came with it and the trunk was still locked!!. After some fiddling(1 hour) I managed to unlock the trunk and open it.. When I returned the handle to the vertical position it promptly locked again. At least this time the trunk was open, but the handle and latched were in the closed position and locked. so I decided to pull the handle and lock mechanism and ended up also removing the latch mechanism as I could not get barrel and handle to remove from the latch mechanism. eventually (3 hours later) cause i did not want to damage the new paint,I found the problem was the fine stake in the lock mechanism was loose and had fallen out allowing the locking pin to lock in the locked position. As you can see from the attached photos the hole for the pin has worn out of round and has been repaired in the past (probably at least once). So I need a new locking mechanism as I think this one is now past repair. Question . 1 ) Is the locking mechanism for the trunk another 1939 1 year only part? 2) if not is the locking mechanism inter-changable with other Buick years i.e 37 38 or 41 42 and if so which years ? 3) Are other GM models e.g. Chev interchangeable? 4 Does anyone have one available or know of a source for one. The handle plinth and barrel are all in excellent re chromed condition. I need the locking mechanism only. Thanks for your help. Cheers Andrew
  4. Welcome to 39s The original turn signal switch from the factory was mounted on the gear shift lever. 39 was the first year Buicks had turn signals from the factory but they were rear signals only in the trunk mounted buick eight logo. The front fender mounted lights were originally an optional extra and were park lights only but are easy enough to make as yourf ront turn signals. Your are also absent the spark plug cover plate on the engine. If you post engine and chassis numbers here it will be possible to decode them a bit more. It looks a lovely first buick car. 39s are great pre war cars and there are lots of great and knowlegable people on the forum to help you navigate all the "one year only" and "first time in a buick" features in these cars. Welcome to the buick forums and enjoy the car. Cheers Andrew Anzac Buick64
  5. The Best Part. I like it ..... a lot!!! Well done Cheers Andrew
  6. Welcome to the joys of 39s. Gear box and Diff are 1 year only but parts can be found with a little searching. Also interior Maroon colored knobs are 1 year only. Lots of help here from some very knowlegable guys regarding these cars. If you can post photos of your cars data plate and engine numbers then there are folk here who will be able to help with giving some idea of when the car was made. They are easy to restore, each job is only $150.00 but there are a few thousand jobs:). Keep at it though. its worthwhile they are great old cars when finished. Here is a photo of my 40 series sedan finished after many years. Cheers Andrew
  7. Love this thread which I just found today. so here is a photo of my 39 sedan. It was sold new in New Zealand in December 1939. It is a RHD NZ assembled Buick with a Fisher body not the Holden body seen on many Australian Buicks. It a Special but was sold with the Century external and internal trim. (hence the outside trim on the windows and the centre rear seat arm rest) It has been in my wife's family since 1972 and was our wedding car in 1994 and also for her sister in 1995. I purchased the car of the family estate in 2002 and have over the last 4 years done an extensive frame on restoration that started out small but ended up huge. I have the original ownership documents for the sedan that records all of the owners and when and where it was purchased . And Stuart's 34 Roadster has moved home to the east Coast of Australia and lives here with me and I have it out driving most weekends Cheers Andrew
  8. Guys Glorious car and looks beautifully done in the photo. Is I think a model 68C, 4 door convertible phaeton with built in Trunk, Standard Catalog of Buick Ed by R Kowalke lists production in 1934 as 444 units, price when new $1675 US. Terry Dunhams' Book on the History of Buick lists of 444 of model 68C made, a total of 143 were exported either as complete cars or stripped chassis. How many of these were RHD remains unknown by my sources to hand.I do not know if the exported models included Canada, or if the Canadian Buicks were only the McLaughlin Buicks. Either way a rare car and if a shop did a lot of the work I know how much a car of this quality would cost and it will make your eyes water at least and maybe cause divorce as well. Well done to the owner for securing a rare part of New Zealand's motoring history nzcarnerd: there was a 1934 series 40 sedan advertised last year on TradeMe . It looked from the photos to be in reasonable order. It was listed at the time at $70,000.00 and was located in Kingston in Southland NZ. I was keen to go and look at it when I was nearby last year but was over ruled by the minster for war and finance (aka Mrs Anzac Buick). I do not know if it sold at all or was just withdrawn from sale. cheers Andrew
  9. I hear your pain I am re doing drains and walls on my own house here in Australia. Rain is a problem here. Jan 26 th last year we had 875mm (35 inches)rain in 24 hours! You soon find out where the water goes. With winter stay inside and do the CAR! The day you die the inbox and in tray will still be full. No one ever says on there death bed " i wish I had spent another day at the office..." Cheers Andrew
  10. I used ones from Chevrolet, look so close that a blind man on a galloping horse would be pleased to see the the difference. regards Andrew
  11. Well Done Reliable Buicks strike again. An excellent effort. Have followed your posts and progress on this car with great interest. cheers Andrew
  12. Hi Guys Well its almost done. we re just sorting out a few final issues before we take the car in to get it passed the compliance team and ready to be re registered for the road. I had lots of photos of the progress in my galleries but with the new forum format I cannot seem to find them. I attach some photos of the car near completion and If I get time will re create the old galleries at some point. I plan to collect the car next Saturday the 15th and will drive it like I stole it Thanks to all the 1939 team members for the input over the last while especially Alan Danny and Grant . Cheers Andrew
  13. Hi Guys Well my car is at the auto trim shop as we approach the final stages. On the old seat it is clear that there was originally a robe rail or grab rail fitted to the back of the front seat for the rear seat passengers to use. The cord it self is reproducible or able to be purcahsed from the likes of Le Baron Bonney but I am looking for a source of the maroon covers that go over the end of the rail. Does anyone have or know of where I might get one from ?. Or does any one have a spare that I could purchase to copy from? I have varoius photos of the covering but am unsure which is correct for the 1939 special. Thanks Andrew
  14. Nice i got a 34 for my 50th birthday in October, lovely cars and fun as well. it looks well done and highly original in detail. love the luggage box on the rack. cheers Andrew
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