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1964 Buick Riviera Standard Interior Kick Panels

Glenn McMahon

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:confused: Hi Gents

Have a few questions about the kick panels for my car as they were in the trunk and not installed when I got the car.

1- Mine have 6 holes in them. Are these correct for a 64? Checked Clarks and I believe they are.

2- The metal fresh air vents have 3 holes. Are these correct?

3- Why do the panels have 6 holes and the fresh air vents only 3?

4- Do the panels get covered in carpet or painted just the way they are? It seems like the extra holes in the kick

panels will be visible?

5- Could someone please provide pictures of installed kick panels and installation on a 64.

Thankyou Kindly for all Responses

Glenn McMahon

ROA #12929

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My '63 kick panels I got from Clarks. They have 3 holes, but 2 are for rivets (which you can substitute a screw-rivet). The 3rd is the mounting screw. Mine were originally painted. I think the custom trim may have included carpeted panels, but I am not sure.

There were 2 styles created and Clarks clearly points that out in their catalog to use either the 63/64 or the 65 style depending on which interior you have. You should check to make sure which one you need first. Be ware that OPG sells only 1 style, but the picture in their catalog is the other style. The picture was right for me, but what they sent was wrong. Go figure.



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I looked at CARS in NJ catalog and they show 63-64 as having 6 holes and the 65 as having 3 holes. I am really confused now? LOL as I said before the metal vents have 3 holes so I dont know why there are 6 large holes in the kick panels?

I bought the '65 style from Clark's catalog http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/catalog.cgi?function=goto&catalog=Riviera&section=Riviera&page=R-20. That one has the 3 holes. Sure, a little weird but it was the right one for my '63. :) Matched the old panels perfectly.

The 6 hole style has a different cut pattern too. If you have the old panels available, check the overall shape for a fit with the new ones.

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Guest Dialtone

I have a 64 and I order kick panels from clarks. I'm not sure how many holes are in them I will have to check. But Clarks asked me if I had check to see how many holes my 64 had. I believe the lady from Clarks said that some late year 64's had different amount of holes then the early year 64's

The kick panels I got from Clarks have 6 holes for my 64.

I have a spare set of black 6 hole kick panels from Clarks

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