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1933-35 Dodge Pick-Up Rear Steel Fenders.

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Fabrication for the 1933-1935 Dodge, KC KCL rear fender is accomplished using two die-stamped pieces that are formed in 18 gauge cold rolled steel (CRS) or High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) steel, depending upon availability.

The parts are welded together and then the feature line is formed around the radius of the wheel opening creating a well-defined line that blends properly into the radius flare at the rear of the part.

While all effort is made to reduce stretching during the die stamp process, some distortion naturally occurs and reasonable efforts are made in post forming to eliminate much of the distortion as practical. However, some minor pitting or stretch marks may remain in the finished part which is fairly easily dealt with by filing, a bit of hammer and dolly work, then using a skin coat of filler to fill in voids and pitting created in the process of welding the two stamped parts together.

The final step in the construction process is to form the metal around a wire situated on the inside of the fender around the wheel opening. The bead is continuously welded for added strength intended to reduce or eliminate splitting due to metal fatigue caused by the flexing of the fender during travel.

It has been estimated that for an experienced metal worker, approximately 2-4 hours may be required to prepare a fender for paint which generally includes the time to block sand the primer.

All raw fenders are coated with Rust Lick, an ITW product which serves to protect the base metal from corrosion. Rust Lick dries to a transparent coating and can be removed with warm, soapy water or mineral spirits prior to painting.

We have been advised that with some work, the fenders can be modified to fit 1933 Dodge and Plymouth coupes. We have no actual working knowledge of the accuracy of this advice.


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Sonora, CA 95370 (USA)

Outer Top Rear (480x640).jpg

Outer Left Top Side (640x480).jpg

Outer Rear (640x480).jpg

Outer Right Top Side (640x480).jpg

Outer Top Front (480x640).jpg

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