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1966 Riviera Trim tag decoding


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Hi, i've been trying to find online a way to decode the trim tag of my 66 Riviera. So far i know where the car was built, the exterior and interrior colors.

post-98449-143142357848_thumb.jpg If i'm right the last codes indicate some options my car had. Anybody happen to know what the EXF 2KR, 4F 5K or the 09C number on top of the tag suppose to be? Or anybody happen to know another page that has all the code options and can post a link, i would appreciate that. Also i see that the 618 interior is the black optional Vinyl Strato Bench seat but what does the -D letter mean?


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If the data plate holds true for what I know about the 63 -65 data plates, the 09C is the build date. 3rd week © of the 9th month (Sept.) I'm only guessing here but the D following the trim color code could be the style of seat. I'm sure that one of the 2nd generation guys will chime in on this and let me know if my guesses are correct and what the other codes stand for.


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Thanks Ed, i actually found another post of somebody asking pretty much the same questions as i do.

Tom Mooney helped him out:

4F Remote control outside rear view mirror

5K Door edge guards

Thats what i have so far.

Is EXF mean that car was exported?

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