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Transmission ID location?

Laughing Coyote

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Hello all,

I'm would like to know where to look to find the transmission ID numbers on my 1961 Mercury Meteor 800. I was hunting all around for the tag they usually put on them, but no luck. Dont know if it fell off or if the transmission even came with one. Pretty dirty and oily so if I knew where to look it will make it a little easier. The can only has drive and low on the gear selector. Maybe a two speed Merc o matic???? :confused:


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On the '61 Ford o matic 2- speed, the tag should be on a servo cover bolt driver's side. The three speed on the one of the oil pan bolts. Small, medium and large case length for the 3 speed, small: 9 7/8" med:10 7/32 large: 10 7/8. According to what engine you have. If it's a V-8, I'm guessing you have the medium case. Not sure. I think the large case was for Lincolns.

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