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Generator cutout info

SA Bill

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I would appreciate some help with configuration of a cutout relay on ebay. There is a 29 - 33 Hupmobile 8 cutout relay advertised. The picture shows only one end of the relay. The question is: does the other end have a terminal or is the other "terminal" made through the ground screws that attach the relay to the generator? Thanks for any help you might give me. My relay fried a couple of weeks ago.

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I did not see the cutout relay that was on ebay, unless it got fried, on your relay that is on your hupp there will be a wire coming out of the generator that fastens to the bottom of the relay. The terminal at the end of the relay hooks to the battery. The generator feeds power through the wire to the relay, the relay closes when the battery needs to be charged. When the battery is satisfied, the relay opens. I hope this helps you.

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