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  1. I have wind wings on my 31 DeSoto roadster. I have tried everything to get the clamps to hold the glass but to no avail. I have tried double back tape but the temperature in my garage is frequently over 100 in the summer and the glass sags out of the clamps. I am thinking of trying thin rubber strips between the metal clamps and the glass. Anyone have a success story to share??...........Bill Email shortcut999@yahoo.com
  2. What is the consensus from the brain trust about putting stop leak in the engine. I am considering ATP AT-205 or Gunk Bearin Seal.
  3. I have not tried them. Thanks for the reply.........
  4. I have all the parts for a turn signal kit except the flasher. I tried a 535 but that does not work. I'm told I need a "variable load" flasher but cannot find one. I want to use the side and tail lights for the directional signal.
  5. I have an original chip chart for the 31 DeS. The brown/tan is not a factory color
  6. Let's see if I can make these pictures work.................Bill
  7. You are certainly correct that it is a '31 SA. Thanks for your msg. They really did a number on the car-- they have installed a down draft carb which must have been a real test. I looked on Craigs List and can't find it. I would like to contact the owner to add it to my SA website....Any ideas??
  8. Do I understand that you have a 31 Desoto SA and bought a parts car that was used in the restoration?
  9. SA Bill

    1931 DeSoto SA

    You did find a 31 Desoto SA. Looks like a coupe. Where is the car?
  10. SA Bill

    1931 DeSoto SA

    I am on a mission to find all the remaining 1931 DeSoto SA's that are still in existence. So far I have found 16. This the time of year there are a lot of shows and swap meets. If any of you see an SA I would very much appreciate it if you would get the owners name, email address and/or telephone number so I can add their car to my website. My email address is shortcut999@yahoo.com Thanks for your help.
  11. I am helping David sell some 31 SA parts: Cowl, front fenders, rear fenders, rims, bumpers. Many miscellaneous small parts. Email for what you need. Do not have the body section. These parts are located in Wisconsin. Email davidreedy@rocketmail.com
  12. I would appreciate some help with configuration of a cutout relay on ebay. There is a 29 - 33 Hupmobile 8 cutout relay advertised. The picture shows only one end of the relay. The question is: does the other end have a terminal or is the other "terminal" made through the ground screws that attach the relay to the generator? Thanks for any help you might give me. My relay fried a couple of weeks ago.
  13. I have a 31 SA. Drag link plug looks like mine. I "made" a screwdriver to fit the slot then GENTLY started heating while turning the plug IN. As soon as it moved in I tried turning it out-- presto, out it came. I had previously sprayed it with WD-40 and let it sit overnight but that did not free the plug. One other piece of info: there is a guy who makes shock links that would probably fit your car. He advertises in the Desoto club newsletter. If you need these (I did) let me know and I'll try to find his telephone number.....................Bill
  14. The sending unit in my 31 SA is completely different than the pictured unit. It has a variable wire wound resistor at the base of the unit. The wiper is exposed and actuated by a brass float. It looks factory but maybe someone modified the unit before I got the car. I am the second owner. The configuration has the wire wound resistor submerged in fuel until the tank is half empty. It works OK but the wire gauge of the windings is about 12 or 14 so the needle jumps around a little. As a result of the large wire gauge problem, I could never get the unit accurately zeroed. It gives me a close approximation..............FYI there are 4 or 5 vendors in Hemmings that offer rebuild services. One says "starting at $75" so it might get pricey.
  15. SA Bill

    1931 SA ovners

    Thanks for the info-- it's in my notebook for future reference. This is the kind of helpful info that is out there that could make a difference to someone trying to restore one of these models...................Bill
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