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Need Judging Forms?

Guest luguito18

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I suggest you contact Headquarters. I am sure they can help you.

The Club's National Headquarters building at 501 W. Governor Road in Hershey, PA serves as the hub for the operation of AACA. Seven full-time staff members handle the administration of the Club including the publication of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine, the country's foremost automobile historical publication.

501 W. Governor Rd

P.O. Box 417

Hershey, PA 17033 [ map ]

Phone (717) 534-1910

FAX: (717) 534-9101

[h=2]National Headquarters[/h]Anyone on our staff is ready to help you with a problem or a question. However, the list below identifies some of our staff’s primary areas of responsibility:

  • Pat Buckley: pbuckley@aaca.org accounting, meet program, membership program and internet concerns
  • Pat Frantz: pfrantz@aaca.org - Region and Chapters insurance certificates and general
  • Karen White: kwhite@aaca.org membership, meet request forms and merchandise
  • Lynn Gawel: lgawel@aaca.org vehicle awards, I Got a Member Program, meet request forms and Region and Chapters

Again, all the staff will endeavour to help you with any question. Please feel free to call or email us. 717-534-1910

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Guest luguito18

Thank You very much

I will try communicated with National Headquarters.....

Our chapter is planning on next sunday make a judging simulation. Start getting ready for our 2015 meet. And we will like to provide this forms to our members.

Jose L Lugo


AACA Puerto Rico Region

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If you just need a pdf. file, you can go to the home page and download the 2013 Judging Guidelines Manual. From that point you can print individual pages you want. All of the judging forms that are used in the National meets are in the manual for reference.

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