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Chilton vs Audels

Mark Gregory

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Can some one give me some guidance on car manuals to do repairs . I have purchased a Reo car which is an orphan car . There is reproduction " Reo Shop Manual for all cars " supposedly used by Reo mechanics to repair the cars between 1927 - 1934 . Original Chilton and Audels manuals that cover a a certain time frame . Which manual would give me the best information on how to fix the car please ? Thanks , Mark

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No, I am not saying there is a specific 1931 REO manual. There very well may be, I do not know. I am saying if there is/was you should be able to grab one in reprint form.

You know there is a REO section here in the forum. Have you checked in with the folks there? They may be able to better guide you.

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I had a similar need for information about an orphan car I purchased.. I sent in a request to the AACA library, and was able to obtain a copy of a parts manual for my car. The parts manual has several pretty informative drawings of parts.. This info has helped me a lot.

You might send in a request to the library to see what they have on your REO, it's possible they have something.

Back when these cars were sold and serviced, a mechanic was a mechanic, and pretty much knew what and how to do repairs. Much was generic, and not specific to a certain car or model,. If there were specific bits of information needed the factory would send out 'service bulletins' to dealers to assist in the repairs. These service bulletins usually got lost or destroyed as dealers closed or makes and models disappeared.

I agree with the suggestion in a previous reply, just buy all the books you can.. The Audels is more generic, the reprint will probably be the best 'bang for the buck'

Enjoy your 'new' REO !!

Greg L

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