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hesitates on accelleration after warming up


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Problem:hesitation on acceleration after car warms up. (?missing, irregular misfire ?) Just started, 1000 miles on rebuilt engine, carb, fuel pump, distributor, etc. I suspect that the problem may be obvious to many, but I am a novice.

Before I do stupid things, I would appreciate comments on a troubleshooting sequence. ("41 120) It ran brilliantly until last weekend's trip. So far nothing obvious on inspection. Thanks

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Troubleshooting used to be, in order:

(1) compression test

(2) ignition test

(3) fuel delivery system test

(4) rebuild the carburetor

Now, if you have an electronics conversion in the distributor, the very first test is to remove the electronics conversion, and reinstall the points and condenser, and see if the problem goes away. (Opinion) by far the least reliable item in the system.


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