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FS: "ERRENT LOBBAN CORD" Automobile Quarterly limited Edition 12" x 18" book


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post-58548-143142215699_thumb.jpg First edition of 2500 numbered books published by Automobile Quarterly. Includes matching hardbound storage box.

PM me if interested. I can deliver to Hershey if pre-sold.

Original edition Commemorative Marque books. Book # 1694 of 2500 and includes hardbound storage box. Book is in excellent cond. Box has a slight scuff mark on top face but otherwise good + cond. Great large color photos, drawings and history of the man and his cars. Original publisher price in 1985 was $400. Asking $1000 plus shipping or I can deliver to Hershey if pre sold.


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It would be nice to know what you are going to ask for it. What is the condition of the package? The pictures don't quite tell the whole story.

Terry Wiegand

Doo Dah America

I had this item listed in the General F/S thread with more detail and price. I edited my original post to include price. I also had a set of ACD Club magazines dating back to 1968 but those have been sold for Hershey delivery. No other ACD parts or lit available.

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