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First time since 1973


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I have been coming to Hershey since 1973 , well this is the first year that I may not be able to attend. My wife has a dr appointment in cleveland Oh. on the 9th (she needs a liver transplant) But I may try to get there on Saturday or if im lucky and can talk her into going Friday and staying over at the campground which may work out since I live about half way between cleveland and Hershey. Boy I sure will miss all the fun.

. `

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I may get to go after all !!!!!:D Wife said we could go Friday if we around 3/4 am pulling camper should get there about 8ish get camp site get to flea market . Is there anyone who rents wheelchairs? just worried that she cant handle the walk she can walk but not along time. in suer there are places she can stop and rest. I never had to worry before I didn't need it.

besides this will be her first time there want to make good.

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