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Blower Gasket Help

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I am trying to track down the correct type blower housing gasket for my Lincoln. I have searched every retailer I know of that carries vintage Lincoln, ford, and mercury parts looking for the rubber gasket that seals the under seat heater blower motor mounting plate to the blower housing. The setup uses two of these gaskets. One seals the motor mounting plate to the housing that protects the motor (not shown in the diagram), the second seals the other side of the mounting plate to the blower housing (shown), they are identical. I have been through the chassis manual and it makes no mention of a part number or of the gasket itself. I figured that someone would make these since similar mountings were used in ford products for a good part of the 50's. If not I will have to buy a piece of sheet rubber and make them myself. I have checked Mac's, lincoln land, and basically anything else that pops up on a google search or is listed in Hemmings for Lincoln parts.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. If not, a good source for sheet rubber would be appreciated as well!

I have attached a picture of the part in question, hopefully I did it right.




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Let your "fingers do the walking". I live in a 'ville smaller than you and we have a gasket material supplier. I buy different types and thicknesses of gasket material there. Usually by the running foot. Cheaper than just shipping from eBay.

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