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FS: GM '64 Dynamic 88 Convertible Top Boot - $125 shipped to U.S.


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OEM (GM) 1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible Top Boot-Cover

This GM boot-cover was never installed on the car. It has been safely stored since 1964 and is in incredible condition. To be super-critical, there is a small amount of discoloration from age in the foam, which is only visible from the bottom (invisible when installed).

This is an original GM part from 1964 and has obviously been well preserved through the years.

The boot is a medium brown.

I bought this boot on eBay last month with plans to dye it and use it on my Starfire. It would fit, but the Starfire's has a lot of extra padding throughout, and I'm opting to just keep my original for now.

USPS shipping is included in the price of $125, which is what I payed for it on eBay (so I'll be out whatever the shipping to you costs).

It's a beautiful piece and is concours worthy.

Please P.M. me for additional information & thanks for looking.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->









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John, you never told us it was that heinous saddle tan color! :P

Just me- I never could warm up much to saddle tan insides, except on me dad's 68 ElCamino. I think that's because there wasn't quite so much saddle tan to look at in its cab.

I think all GM Divisions offered Saddle Tan interior in 63-64, so someone should need this boot. Nice condition, just not my color!

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You're a riot, Glenn!

I'm right with you on that, however. But as I said, it was slated for a dying if I were going to keep it.

Just for the record, that's a big weak spot (IMHO) with a lot of the GSs I look at from early 70s. I would never have a car with that color interior; it's just a personal thing.

And I hate to offend anyone, but that would go DOUBLE if the outside were brown, bronze, tan, beige, or any other "brown" type of color. Just the way it is....

This is a beautiful piece, however; I must say -- and I think somebody will make real good use of it... especially at this price. :cool:

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