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Can you I.D. the cars being built in this 1950's assembly plant?


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Most of the cars in this photo are AC Aces, made from 1954-1963, many of which after 1956 had optional 6 cylinder 2.0L Bristol engines and were referred to as Ace-Bristols. Most had less-powerful AC 2,0L 6 cylinder engines. In 1961 a 2.6L Ford Zephyr engine was made available. The distant car in the center of the photo is an AC Aceca (facing away from the camera), a GT version of the Ace whose production began in 1957 and was also available with Bristol engines. The roofed car on the left of the photo appears not to be an Aceca, and may be an Ace with a factory fiberglass top or an aftermarket top.

As far as I know there is no reliable way to tell which engine is in an Ace by it's outward appearance.

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