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American Sign Museum - wow!

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Just got back from a family trip to Cincinnati Oh. It was a great long weekend and I got the chance to x one item off my must-see list - the American Sign Museum. I'd consider it a must visit for any sign collectors, auto or otherwise. It's a mixture of all kinds of signs, with automotive represented of course, but it's not a petromobilia collection. Displays there are wonderful and include a time-line of the sign-making art, a street-scene with plenty of great signs, lots of neon stuff and some really big signs from the likes of McDonalds and Holiday Inn. Lots of history, much of it still in orignall working condition. Best of all, the guy who started the whole thing, Tod Swormstedt was there to give us a personal guided tour and history lesson on signs. We even managed a quick glimpse into the "back room" which is my favorite part of any museum. I'll try to post a few pics later when we get unpacked and find the camera but a look at their website should give you the flavor.

The American Sign Museum | "Main Street Wonderland!"

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