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1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster *SOLD*

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If you like your Model As fully dressed, this lovely deluxe roadster is an impressive specimen. It has just about every option and upgrade I can think of, and while it may not be for the purist, it sure is pretty and drives superbly. It was restored about 15 years ago and has 6745 miles showing, which I'm assuming is since the restoration was completed. Finished in Stone Brown with brown leatherette interior and a tan top, it's one of the best color combinations on an A, both subtle and flashy with those straw-colored wheels and whitewalls. Finish quality was quite good when it was completed, and while it has been driven a bit, it remains in excellent shape throughout. Clearly the restoration was done with an eye towards touring, since a majority of the upgrades are in the driveability department. Just a partial list includes:

  • Overdrive
  • 12V electrical system with alternator
  • Mallory distributor
  • Additional stop lights and turn signals (very discreetly hidden)
  • Accessory column-mounted temperature gauge and temperature quail ornament
  • 6-blade cooling fan
  • Sidecurtains

Styling accessories:

  • Dual side mounts with polished covers
  • Engraved wind wings
  • Trunk with canvas cover
  • Grille guard
  • Canvas door guards (if you've ever burned your arm on your Model A's sills on a hot day, you'll appreciate these)
  • Twin side mirrors
  • Top boot

It's flashy, no doubt about it. With 12 volts running through it, the starter spins with a vigor that will surprise onlookers and it fires quickly every time thanks to the modern ignition system. The engine has held up beautifully with very few signs of use, even on the exhaust manifolds, and it still uses the original Zenith carburetor for fuel duties. It's one of the smoothest Model As I've ever driven, so someone invested heavily in getting it to run right and the internals must be balanced. It pulls well on the road, the transmission shifts easily, and the brakes are still mechanical, so they retain the Model A feel and are effective. The steering is almost impossibly light, so much so that I'm able to palm it in parking situations like one would with a modern car with power steering, and I'm wondering if it's an aftermarket steering box designed for reduced effort because it's quite a marked contrast to the usual Model A feel. I'm not so sure I like it, but it makes low-speed maneuvers a snap.

The interior is a bit more plush than the usual open roadster, particularly with sisal carpets on the floor. Fully bound and finished with a heel pad, they look great and while they're not totally authentic, they do help control noise and heat better than the original rubber mat. You'll also note a chrome foot pedal for the accelerator and the foot rest has been eliminated, a modification I'm not too sure is effective, since that footrest was there for a reason (the hole is still there if you'd like to go back to stock). The gauges have been restored and the ammeter still works with the alternator, although it registers 0 most of the time and you will only occasionally see it wiggle when the battery needs a quick top-off. The foot button below the clutch activates the overdrive, which is of a type I don't recognize (Mitchell, perhaps?), but allows easy 55-60 MPH cruising. The Firestones are in excellent shape and it drives quite well, particularly for a Model A.

So if you're a stickler for authenticity, this is probably too much Model A for you. But if you're looking for a top-notch car in great shape and ready to tour anywhere, this is a fantastic choice. It's still hard to beat Henry's Lady for enjoyment, practicality, and outright fun. Asking $29,900 and we're always open to reasonable offers. Thanks for looking!












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Dave, I bet you're exactly right. I was puzzling over the plate on this photo, which didn't look familiar to me, but it sure looks like you figured it out:


Thanks for the info and nice detective work!

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