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"Shroud" for A/C switch?


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Can anyone tell me what the official name for this part is? It's a plastic shroud mounted on the left side of the compartment, covering up what appears to be the switch (or switches) for A/C and possibly the heater. It's in pretty bad shape and ducttaped all over, but I can't figure out how to find a replacement without knowing what it is. I called OPGI, and the guy said he thought he knew what I was talking about but that they didn't have it (and he didn't know what it was called). Thanks in advance...


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It is really a 2-piece clam shell style cover that goes on there.

It is called the Heater-A/C Controls Cover.

No one reproduces them that I know of.

It only came on A/C-equipped Rivieras, 1963 only.

Your only source for a better condition one will be from a parts car.

You really do want to keep dirt and stuff out of there, so keeping the one you have sealed with duct tape is better for the controls than removing it.


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