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Just wondering who I send an email to to have the AACA stop hosting a website? Long story short, it was created in front page which is no longer supported but the site is still there. The chapter has decided not to pay to have their own and the region that they belong to has a website so we can just list stuff there.

Please PM me or send me an email at Email

I did send an email to the webmaster but did not hear back and the site is still out there



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Contact Pat Buckley at AACA Headquarters...... pbuckley@aaca.org;

She will be able to take the link/connection down to your region's old web site. Let here know when you get back up again, so she can include the new link here..... Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) - Regions & Chapters | Community


PS, by the way, the old site looks very good at first opening it. Capitol City Chapter-AACA

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