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For Sale: Rare 1925 Packard 236 Second Series EIGHT Cylinder Five Passenger Touring Car

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Ok early Packard, Full Classic and Nickel Era Fans. Here is a car you don't see everyday. They didn't make many to begin with and even less have survived today-especially in unrestored condition and priced affordably!

This is a super rare, 1925 Packard 236 Second Series Eight Cylinder Five Passenger touring car. This car has the big, 357.8 cid, 85 horsepower straight eight engine mounted in the long 136" wheelbase chassis with four wheel brakes-quite impressive statistics for a mid-1920s era American car. Period Packard advertisements claimed a top speed of 80 miles per hour. The Second Series Eight was built in during 1925 and 1926 and only 2,794 were built on the 136" chassis and 5,118 built on the 143" chassis (the long wheelbase chassis was typically used for 7 passenger cars).

The engine number of this car is 217200A making it one of the later Second Series Eights built.

It is believed that less than 10 236 Eight Cylinder Five Passenger Touring cars exist today. It has the desirable rear mounted spare tire. This car has been owned by the same family for about 40 years-maybe longer. Like a lot of old cars, it was a solid and complete car when purchased, but the owner embarked on a frame-up restoration many years ago and obviously it did not get finished before he died. The car has been in its current condition for about 20 years and has not been touched. The car is very complete and even has a good amount of extra parts including doors, fenders, headlamps and other misc. The chassis appears to have been rebuilt many years ago-what was exactly done to it, I don't know. The engine does not look like it has been run since the rebuild but certainly turns over fine with good compression. The rest of the chassis also looks nice with no wear noticeable in the typical wear areas such as the spring shackles, steering components, brakes, etc. From the looks of things, this car was a well preserved original before it was taken apart. The body sheet metal looks nice and straight including the doors, fenders, hood, front and rear seat assemblies, etc. Much of the wood has been replaced and appears well done. The body still needs some more wood work and re-assembly. The top assembly is intact with decent old material remaining for patterns. Some of the chrome work has been redone (yes, I know, it should be nickel). The car has its windshield, instruments, Goddess of Speed mascot with moto-meter, lights, etc. etc. etc. All of the small parts are boxed and labeled.The tires were new many years ago and still have the labels on them.

This is a great opportunity to complete a rare and powerful early Packard that will certainly be a great and sporty tour car. You could not ask for a better representation of a Roaring Twenties American touring car with its long wheel base, low body lines, big disc wheels, rear mount spare tires and drum headlamps. Of course, it is a Full CCCA Classic but would also be welcomed on any of the Nickel Era Tours as well. This car is being sold with a bill of sale only and is located in eastern Washington State. The price is an extremely reasonable 17,500.00. We can store the vehicle for a few months while shipping arrangements are made if that helps. Please call 734-730-4274 or email:motoringicons@hotmail.com to discuss this car or to request more photos. Thank you













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ugh!! Just read this ad and did not initially see that it was from June of last year. We are looking for a prewar project and spent last weekend with a feloow liquidating some early Ford stuff - but an open Packard project that is a lot of the way there for under $20 grand?? Heart rate rising a little, hmm, I have not committed to anything yet, and I can call Guy I suppose in a little bit... Reading on and see it is long gone.. "oh sh**, what can you do..."

Congrats to the fellow who landed this one, seems like a square deal all around!

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