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Carburetor rebuild kits

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Haveing trouble locating the right rebuild kit for my 34 dodge. It's a Carter/ Ball & Ball with stamped numbers and letters- D6G1.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Probably it would help a lot if we knew where you were

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The D6G1 carb is listed as being correct for '46 - '48 Plymouth P15, so make sure you ask for the correct kit for the D6G1, not for '34 Dodge. The '34 Dodge car came with a Stromberg EX-22. '34 Dodge truck came with a Carter BB, (not D6G1) carb model depending on truck model.

Do you have a car or truck? I've used Welcome to Mike's Carburetor Parts - Your Number 1 Carburetor Parts Store, or THE CARBURETOR SHOP for carb kits.

Good luck!

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I have a 34 Dodge Truck, the motor was replaced in the 40's and not sure what or where the motor came from. I recently brought the truck home from my dads where its been in storeage for the past 30 yrs. The truck was bought by my great grandfather new in 34. Other than the motor its all original. Thanks for the info, i will contact Mike's Carburetor parts and see what he can do for me.

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