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Marmon honor award 1926


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I aquired this pin at a Marmon club muster. It was sent to the club by the granddaughter of the recipient. She told us that he was an employee of the Marmon company and did not reallly know what it was. It says Marmon honor award 1926 with 5m in the middle. Does anyone have a clue or even a guess as to what the award might have been given for. Don't be afraid to make a wild guess as I have heard a few but none really seems to strike home.post-53524-143141954762_thumb.jpg


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In googling same, I found some reference to hill climbs where the time was 5 minutes, which could be 5M. Don't really think that's the answer.

My real guess it's a 5 year pin for working for the company 5 years, and they just added the "M" for Marmon.......

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