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National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa Iowa Vintage weekend June 8&9 2013

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Any report from the event?

I know that the scooters exhibit was scheduled to open there this past weekend, too. Details on that have been hard to come by so far, but if you saw it, I'd love to hear about it. Otherwise I'll just have to wait until mid July when I'll be able to see for myself.

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The Vintage Rally looked to be well attended from both a spectator and exhibitor perspective. I win first in European Sportbike with my Metralla. I would certainly go again. They would like to see more european bikes entered. I spent all my time outside talking bikes and looking through the swap area. I did not go into the museum so can't report on that. John

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I did manage to make a stop at the museum about two weeks ago. I've been there a few times (both at the old Iowa location and the current one) but never get tired of it.

So, I did get a chance to see the scooter exhibit I mentioned above. Frankly, it was a bit disappointing. Really all the museum did was gather up most the scooters that they already had and consolidate them into one area. The area the scooters were in was L shaped and they built a shelf to put the smaller scooters up on and parked the larger ones underneath, on the floor. It saved space but made it hard to really see the scooters up close and have a good look at them.

Further, while some of their scooters were nice examples, quite a few really were poor examples that were either not in great condition, or they had major components that were incorrect (think engines and the like). It also seems that the exhibit cards were poorly researched and not proof-read prior to being put up. The info card for an American Moto Scoot started off by telling me about the aluminum body of the Rumi Little Ant. Oops.

I think that if the museum had put the word out that they REALLY wanted to do a scooter exhibition, they would have found a lot of interest in the scooter community and would have managed to obtain some very, very excellent examples for display.

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