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1929 Chrysler Ser 65 mysterious firewall holes

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Anyone able to identify the two pairs of lower center firewall holes found on a Series 65, that appear to be factory? I have gone through 5 firewalls from Ser65s myself and never found anything attached to these holes although they all had these holes.


On the enclosed picture of a trial fit they stand clearly without anything bolted into them, as I have no clue to what to fit. The firewall insulation does not have any corresponding holes indicating they are there only to mount something inside the engine compartment. There is however only about 1" clearance to the engine head at the location, so it cannot be anything substantial?

Good theories are encouraged.

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Your firewall looks very much like my 1929 Plymouth U. The two pair of holes I believe you are describing hold the accelerator/throttle cross shaft. The port side (nautical) bracket can just be seen above the horn. Sorry for the poor picture.


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that is an excellent explanation for those mysterious holes. Although the throttle rods on the Series 65 Chrysler are secured to the rear top of the engine, it could very well be that the corporation made only one firewall for all the junior cars (Plymouth, De Soto, the small Chrysler). Do you have a picture of the overall firewall with more holes to support this theory? I remember the early production Series 65 actually had slightly different firewall with a large hole to accommodate the firewall-mounted coil.

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So much for the one-size fits all theory. I can see that most other holes differ between the Plymouth and the Chrysler, so the surplus holes on the Chrysler must have been put there in case Chrysler also would swing to a firewall mounted throttle cross shaft. Possibly they did so with the Series 66 as I never have taken any of those into close scrutiny?

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