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1933 Buick Model 57 4 door with sidemounts


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For sale: My 1933 Buick Model 57 has dual sidemounts with the original covers and the trunk rack on the rear. It is a solid car with no evidence of any work ever being done to the body. Its lack of rust and mostly original paint comes from being garaged by it's two owners. The correct maroon body with black fenders was a late in the year option. The wood in the body is fine. The interior was redone a long time ago. I think what you see are covers over the original at least on the seats. It has the Wizard Control but missing the floor button. The clutch does disengage so it is hooked up. I think the clutch needs adjustment as it grabs too much in first. Fine in second and third. Could be the Wizard needs to be adjusted. I can't get under to look. Carb has been cleaned. Interior of rear tank looks rust free. Oil pan was taken down and interior was spotless. Needs pass side sunvisor. Lady on radiator cap is a bit loose on her mount. There is a small hole on the rear belt line below the window. Don't know why. Needs muffler.

What you're looking at is a very complete car that doesn't need much and can be driven for fun without having to worry about finding parts. The ignition parts, ( cap, rotor, points, etc.. are cheap and available) Car doesn't need them now. Thanks for looking.








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Guest Rob McDonald

BUBBA, Google Maps tells me I can be there in 39 hours - can you hold this beauty for me? Kidding. Alas, my car-buying days are done; I'm in off-loading mode now. Great car in fabulous original condition, if only you'd told me about it ten years ago! I'd lose the whitewalls but would leave everything else as-is, except the loose lady. Best of luck with finding a loving home for this gem.

Great price, too, you car buyers out there.

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