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  1. Hello. There is a problem with 1934 Packard St.8 swing-out windshield weatherstrip. After installing the weatherstrip, the windshield does not close until the end. The weatherstrip is very thick. How to correctly install a new weatherstrip? I set it around the windshield frame. Is this exactly the right weatherstrip? https://www.steelerubber.com/swing-out-windshield-seal-70-0057-52
  2. Looking for my 1933 Buick mod.57 hood hinge center strip.
  3. I was bought this car at this forum two years ago. Now I finish its restoration and wanted to share with you a few photos. The car came to Russia in satisfactory condition. The metal body is quite strong but the wood frame was rotted wood and it was replaced. The engine was dying and fully rebuilt . The car was completely disassembled and rebuilt. to be continued
  4. I am looking for two original vacuum wiper motors and wipers set for my 1933 Buick model 57. Or, please tell me the correct motor model (possibly Trico), which installed on this model. In the photo shows the location of the motor mount above the windscreen.
  5. Has found two holes (15 mm) on the right side of oil pan. Why is it necessar?
  6. Your message received. Posted a new message to you.
  7. Yes, I sent two messages to the STELVIOGT@yahoo.com . Something with the mail or they hit to the junk e-mail. Please send me more information about the engine: Dimensions with packing and shipping weight. I need to calculate the cost of delivery to Russia. volcov77@mail.ru What is the true test transmission is needed for 356 engine?
  8. "Did you see West's posts on PackardInfo?" This is the engine that I need. Wrote him several messages ... no answer. I also need a transmission. Maybe anyone have West's phone number?
  9. Thank you very much for the links!
  10. I'm looking for complete and good running 8-cylinder 356 in-line engine for the 1942 Packard 180
  11. Thank you very much for the information. On my engine the pump mounting just closed the lid. Modern electric pump insalled near the gas tank. no black stand. Now I will look for the fuel pump kit:)))
  12. Yes, I need two new heads, another one in poor condition to. Trying to find a manufacturer. I do not have this part on the engine . What's it?
  13. Thanks to all who responded. Engine problem is solved. Now Looking for the wiring set. Please advise where to find it
  14. I am looking for some parts for my 1933 Buick model 57: 1. glove box clock; 2. generator field coil; 3. King pin set; 4. passenger side sun visor Victor