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The Auto Guest Book of Mobile Maxims. *It is filled with puns...

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The Auto Guest Book of Mobile Maxims. *It is filled with puns and all sorts of tom foolery, but also contains some pretty cool illustrated print work*that can be seen above. *The majority of the book is the repeated “time: place: cast:” over multiple pages. The consensus among our library is that this was to be used as a guestbook for vehicle passengers. If this were in my car, my friends would probably fill it with obscenities and stupid drawings, but hey that’s what friends are for.*


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Right on Chris-these things were very popular at one time. I have one in my collection that was reprinted in the 1950s by an auto insurance company as a novelty item. They were also used as log-books for motoring trips, and I've got one very early one that has blank pages with columns titled "# of people injured; # of animals killed, Repairs made, etc.etc. I've got the one you pictured and like yours, it's in wonderful condition and the illustrations are great.


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