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1936-37-38 Bed Parts needed


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Hi folks:

I am trying to find one or two decent stake pockets for my 1937 Dodge MC pickup. I have the repos that Hokey sells, but they are different and I would have to replace all four if I used these. Was wondering if someone might have a spare stake pocket or two for sale. I have attached a few photos to show the difference in the shape of the stake pockets.





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If the top is correct you may just have to rework the bottom portion to staighten it like the original. The problem with some repro parts is that there is not enough usage to justify making parts for each specific application so sometimes manufacturers try to span multiple years with one universal part, and from experience, most of those don't fit either. I could never figure out why ,if you take measurements from an original part, you can't make dies that are correct! Correcting the new ones might save a lot of time and headache of replacing all of them. You might be further ahead to remove the original ones and just repair them. Chances are the new ones are made from thinner steel anyway! The flanges look wider too! I'll bet they weren't cheap! Good Luck!

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