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New Mo. law.

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This is the response I got to a new law that does NOT require a title for scrapping in Mo. Notice that if it is 20 years old, NOTHING is required of the scrapper!!!!! Here is his email. Kevin Engler Kevin.Engler@house.mo.gov

Please swamp his inbox!!!!!~


The bill introduced and passed last year was intended to help rural areas rid property of old, inoperable motor vehicles. Only motor vehicles that are inoperable and at least 10 model years old, or the parts from a motor vehicle that is inoperable and at least 10 model years old, can be purchased by a scrap metal operator without acquiring the original title, salvage title, or junking certificate from the seller of the vehicle for parts.

However, the scrap metal operator must:

· Verify with the Department of Revenue, via the department’s online record access, that the motor vehicle is not subject to any recorded security interest or lien.

· Submit a copy of the seller’s state ID to the Department of Revenue

· Submit to the Department of Revenue the bill of sale (designed by the director) to certify that the vehicle is at least 10 model years old, is inoperable, not subject to any recorded security interest or lien, and that the seller has legal authority to sell the vehicle or parts.

If the motor vehicle is inoperable and at least 20 model years old, then the scrap metal operator is not required to verify the existence of any liens with the Department of Revenue.

Inoperable motor vehicle -A motor vehicle that is in a rusted, wrecked, discarded, worn out, extensively damaged, dismantled, and mechanically inoperative condition and its highest and best value is for scrapping purposes.



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This legislation is typical in its failure to address unintended consequences. There is nothing to keep any 10-plus year old vehicle from being stolen and then legally sold for scrap metal without proof of ownership.

Here, last year a couple of punks stole some collectible cars off a farm where the legit owner had stored them for some time. They were able to sell those cars without proof of ownership to a local scrapper who asked no questions and they were hauled to the scrapper by a towing company who also asked no questions. The boys were caught and are serving time. My question is why were the scrapper and towing company also not prosecuted as accessories?

Two of the cars were recovered albeit in worse shape than when they were stolen. The other four weren't so lucky- they ended up flattened on a trailer. So- although the scrapper and the tow company weren't prosecuted, they have found themselves in civil court for damages, as it should be.

This is what happens when scrap metal prices are up and people are desperate to raise cash any way they can, just to survive. I have two stored on my farm, on a dead-end road and the only way you would know they are there is to go down that road and look behind the garage. Waiting for the day I go by there and find them gone. Hopefully that dummy security camera on the corner of the garage will deter anyone with larceny on their mind.

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