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Motor Mounts 90 Coupe


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One of my mounts is starting to go and will need replacement this year. The good mechanic I found said it is better to replace them all to get it aligned right. Any advice along these lines, assume there are four mounts and where is the best place to buy them?

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I have to sort of disagree with your mechanic. There are three basic mounts on the '90 Reattas and then the "dog bone" on top of the engine.

The dog bone holds the engine from moving back and forth at the top. You can tell if this one is bad by simply trying to move it. The rubbers will get bad and the mount should be tight.

These can be purchased fairly cheaply new at most auto parts stores.

On the transmission end of the Reatta there is a mount under the large aluminum piece. These almost never go bad.

When any of the mounts go bad the rubber will separate from the metal part.

There is a right side rear mount that is simply a rubber steel combination and these can separate.

The front mount near the AC compressor is known to go bad.

If a mount is good there would be no reason to replace them as they are either good or not. They do not compress so there would never be an "alignment" problem replacing just one.

I do have all the mounts available in good used condition.

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