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  1. Sheba65

    Reatta Silver Star Headlights

    It is a 1990 coupe that I believe was produced in the mid year.
  2. Gil Hernandez is at 549 W. Sunset Rd. Henderson NV which is just north of Boulder City. His phone is 702-567-2598 and he is the owner who has two very good mechanics. They got my AC working perfectly after a bout with the local Buick dealer. They also rebuilt my transmission, replaced all 4 struts, and all my fluids including the brake fluid. Gill has fixed pan and manifold gaskets as well as plugs and etc. He is great for saying such and such looks great and you don't need it. He has been in the business for 20+ years or more. Tell him the Reatta guy from Chicago sent you. Dennis
  3. Sheba65

    Reatta Silver Star Headlights

    I have a 1990 and I thought some members were using HID which I thought was silver star by Sylvania. I was looking at H6054ST at Auto Zone. Dennis
  4. Sheba65

    Reatta Silver Star Headlights

    If I replace the current stock headlights with Silver Star HID's, do I need to put in new relays?
  5. I had backlight on shifter graphics and it went out. I got into the console but can't locate the bulb/light. I put a new LED 194 in the cig lighter. Does anyone know where or how to access this bulb/light?????
  6. I bought my Reatta in 2013 with 41,000 miles on Pewter and grey interior coupe. We live in Las Vegas for the winter and I went out on a lark to run down an ad in the Las Vegas Review. I had a 1989 Red Coupe I bought as a brass hat while we were living in PA. I was surprised what I found as the car looked like it came out of a time warp. Story was it came out of Bryan, Ohio from a dealer named Stan Pepel where it sat inside at the dealership for 17 years and driven enough. The owner died and the family donated the car to purple heart who sold it to a wholesaler who shipped it to Nevada for sale. Six years later I have replaced ac unit, rebuilt the transmission, put on new struts, a Barney Antenna, new tires, rebuilt the headlight motors and bell cranks, and tune up, fluids and etc. I never want to get rid of this car and at 70 would like to give it to my grand kids who the oldest is only 8 now. Turning 70 I need more geezer features to be safe. I drive a 2017 Lincoln Continental and I am spoiled on navigation, backup camera, Sirius Radio, and lane assist. I am giving up the stock radio for a Pioneer NEX with a flip out screen that fits the slot. It will give me full nav. and all extras, backup camera and satellite radio. I am going to put on Auto Sport blind spot side mirror as another safety measure and start putting some miles on the only 49,500 I have right now. Paid $4K for the car and have about $9500 into it right now. I have a great mechanic in Henderson, NV that doesn't take me to the cleaners like the dealers in town. I love this car and it gets a lot of looks, just like it did on the streets in Philly in 1989.
  7. Sheba65

    power antenna replacement

    Barney Eaton are you still rebuilding power antenna's for the Reatta? I now have two broken ones. The original and a replacement I bought from West Coast Parts. I can send both to you? How much and what is your address in Dallas, TX. Sheba65 Las Vegas, NV
  8. Sheba65

    Found 3 Reattas in the local salvage yard

    I am interested in a light grey drivers side door panel. I will be in Wisconsin this Spring and would be interested in visiting the yard you described. Dennis
  9. Sheba65

    Reatta Farm in AZ

    Thanks Ron, I saw that is guy had some Gunmetal Coupes and it would be easy for me to match up some trim and even a new door panel and being in his backyard it just came together.
  10. Sheba65

    Motor Mounts 90 Coupe

    One of my mounts is starting to go and will need replacement this year. The good mechanic I found said it is better to replace them all to get it aligned right. Any advice along these lines, assume there are four mounts and where is the best place to buy them?
  11. Sheba65

    Reatta Farm in AZ

    Thanks Barney, I was misled as I thought his Reatta Parts business was bigger. I don't care to pick but would buy some specfic things I wanted and pick them up. I am going to be in the PHX area about a week. I will try to call again.
  12. Sheba65

    Looking back...

    I bought my 90' Reatta to be a driver in our winter home of Las Vegas. I am all in for preventive after reading the forum during the last two months. Got the trans oil, filter and gasket followed by a new oil pan gasket that started to show weepage. I want to stay on top of the electric brakes that are working fine now with only 41K on the car. i have all new hoses, belts, wires, battery and tires when I bought it. Stuff is going to happen and I will invest as needs arrive. I would like to hold on to this for another 15 years if possible.
  13. Sheba65

    Reatta Farm in AZ

    Does anyone know the address in AZ of the Reatta Farm? I wanted to stop in this month and buy some stuff but I am not sure this is allowed. Tried to email and call but no response.
  14. Sheba65

    Interior Plastic Chrome Paint?

    It would be better to brush it on if they have a non spray or just spray the brush and put it on.
  15. Sheba65

    inside thermometer for an 89?

    good idea thanks