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1940 LaSalle Question

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Hi all - new to this section of the forum with a quick question for the experts. Is the 130 HP LaSalle V-8 the same powerplant used in contemporary Cadillac models, perhaps the 60 Special? Understand this to be a good engine for the era?

Will be looking at one of these in next week or so and have heard these are pretty good road cars - at least that is what I understand of the Caddys of that era.

I know what to look for in general terms having owned several cars of this era, but any specifics would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance,


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The 37-40 LaSalle is a 322 cu in to the Cadillac 346 cu in, which for Cadillac was introduced in 1936. The difference between the LS and Cadillac being 1/8" bore difference. They look identical and totally parts scramble between each other. They are good road cars, I have owned a number of them over the last 44 years. Currently a 37 Cadillac coupe and a 39 Lasalle convertible sedan.

The 346 version was used in light tanks ( two engines and two automatic transmissions) and other applications in WWII.

Call me or PM if you have any specific questions. Jim 43 Grantham, NH 603 863 2621

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Guest 1940LaSalle

Adding my unsolicited comments: Egge in Los Angeles has a full complement of engine internals for these flathead V8s. If you did buy one and have the engine overhauled, chances are it now has Cadillac pistons due to a slight boring-out of the cylinders, along with modern materials of construction in the valves / seats that will permit use of unleaded fuel straight form the pump.

Hope you found a Cad or La Salle to your liking.

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