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Transmission Seals


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Can someone explain what keeps the oil in the transmission, I installed a new seal up front and new rear mount with new gaskets,cannot find any rear seal on any parts lists or diagrams. When I look into the rear of the transmission I still see part of the main rear bearing, however slight. Not sure if 190 weight oil in the transmission and 600 weight in the clam shell will keep from mixing.


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There is a "baffle" (slinger ring) mounted just ahead of the rear bearing. It's action is simular to the rear main bearing slinger in the engine. What little oil that gets past the baffle and rear bearing will mix with the U-joint lube...a good thing. The lube chart for these cars calls for checking the transmission fluid level every 5000 miles along with other items. These cars were not "sealed up" like modern rigs.

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