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Hydra-Matic usage in GM trucks?


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Since it's been cold and nasty here the last few days, I've been digging thru some of the literature. Found a January 1955 General Motors Training Center booklet on Hydra-Matic Drive "Supplementary Information for United Motors Service Division", published by GM Detroit Transmission Division.

The booklet has info for all HMT applications 1946-55 along with its original owner's handwritten notes. Neat reading.

It got me wondering how long Chevy and GMC trucks used Hydra-Matic. Obviously shows the 1954-55 information (along with applications for GMC Coach- yes, the big Diesel buses had them) but what was the last usage of HMT in the light trucks? I've seen 1957 Chevy and GMC with Hydra-Matic badging and I know Chevy was using a beefed up truck PowerGlide by 1962.

As an aside, take the lion and gear off the Detroit Transmission crest and it looks suspiciously like the crest on my folks' old 1957 Frigidaire chest freezer. It's still crammed under a shed out at the homeplace and makes a good shelf, but it does take up a lot of room under there (don't ask why they didn't just throw it out when it quit in 1977, my dad never threw anything away). I'd like to take the crest off it for display but taking a freezer apart for access is a little different than taking a car apart!

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According to the Hollander Manual, Chevy trucks 1/2-1 1/2 ton used Hydramatic from 54 to 59. Only Powerglide was used 60-65. Both Powerglide and TH400 Hydramatic were used 66-68. The GMC listings were by model series rather than year so I'm not sure about them.

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Guest danceswithpumps

I have my Dad's '57 GMC model 100 he bought new in '57 which came with a Pontiac 347 V8 engine with Hydramatic transmission.

Rod van Pelt



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