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Putting the cars away


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Hello, not much chatter in the outfield so here goes.

My yearly chore I dread and one of the reasons I believe I should thin out the herd. Winter and arthritis don't seem to get along.

Last years photo shows a whole lot of moving going on on a dreary day, this year was much simpler and wheeled dollies are great(on a smooth floor).

The car under the tarp on the trailer in the first photo is a 35 Airflow which I considered parts until looking it over it is the next project after replacing the engine in our 48 Ford.post-39071-143139281456_thumb.jpg.

I didn't sit in the 52 Imperial or the 49 Chevy since last December.

My excuse for not selling anything is, I don't want to say to my Grandsons "I had one of those" and them being disappointed. Another boy is expected for about April 1.

The cars are put away and God bless all the children,









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I know the routine too Jay. It's a lot of moving cars to get them all back and ready for the long winter sleep! I use Go Jaks to move some of mine around the shop too. Sometimes seems too much. I'm just a temporary maintenence man for these cars for someone in the future!








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Bob, you tease us with a few infrequent photos of cars we would like to see more of! I see the factory experimental Wayfarer with fenders on the wall and a 3 Window Chrysler Cpe. The hood looks long is it a C-39? I always wanted a 3 pass. 3 window cpe. from 40-48, as close as I've gotten so far is the 51 Plymouth.

You have some beautiful cars, mine are mere OK used cars in comparison.


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