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  1. Modified stock ford manifold to accept a Stromberg intended for a straight eight Chrysler. The Manifold was bored out to accept thin sleeves that have 1.4375 I.D.(to match the carb. I.D.) the manifold was heated in an oven, a household oven that was in a home, don't do this unless your wife is going to be away for weeks, to 500 F. and the sleeves were pushed into the intake. The holes in the block for the carburetor preheat were tapped and pipe plugs installed. The engine has a 400 jr. track cam and pulls strong from around 45 to about 70 mph. about time I lift due to the bias-ply 16 i
  2. jazzer3

    photos of our cars

    We have a few older cars, 8 are currently operable with a few more to be made operable and some parts cars. None of them being show cars, a couple of them preserved originals, some saved from any ill conceived rodding efforts and just some saved from the scrap yard
  3. Hello here's a Bugatti update, the original front leaf springs gave up at the end of last year, from the beginning their quality was suspect, late this summer I ordered low-grade spring steel from McMaster Carr and made some new springs. They aren't chrome plated as original but they have a nice blue tint, and they work, the old springs would sag after a little while so's the frame would be setting on the axle. They would get rearched by picking the car up and pushing the axle down, . The throttle pedal is moved all the way forward and our 8 year old is a little tight, inorder for him to
  4. Hello I would like to tell you about our 48 Ford Coupe. This car has been in my neighborhood as long as anyone (those older than myself) can remember. The original owner lived down the street from me and I would go and study the car then go home and pick out items from the J.C. Whitney catalog for it. When the Man passed away in 1968, I was 14 Yrs. old and was convinced nobody else was interested in this old car and had my Aunt making inquires. The car stayed in the family belonging to one sister until she passed and then to another sister, when she passed in 1970 a local undertaker g
  5. jazzer3


    We became the owners of a Studebaker this past year then just like that we had two
  6. Rodger when I saw the post where you mention you have to add the chrome bezel and rubber pad to the brake pedal I thought about while I was at the junkyard trying to measure the Mark II for you I removed the brake pedal and a duct off of the radiator supportThe brake pedal is nice shape. Really enjoy seeing your work, Jay
  7. jazzer3

    Our cars

    this plate came off of a 51 Imperial that was supposedly owned by Howard Hughes, the car does have some non-factory modifications that look professionally done
  8. Where the Bugatti is wintering, it turned out OK, the Grandsons have no idea what it is worth and don't care. There is a transition in pavement levels where they usually ride it and they get a little "air". I had to move things around to make room for the "Commander", I always wanted a Studebaker, a 57 Commander wasn't on the top of the list but I like it. Happy and Healthy New Year to All,
  9. Thank you Marrs for the information. I was checking on availability Of "#127 Octane" and will probably eventually find it on Amazon books or similar website. I did find it available from a site that may be from Malaysia "mybooks.my" and I think the price was reasonable, I had to convert RM 25.7 to US dollars which is about $8.00 US which is OK with me but they did not accept or recognize my shipping address. I'll find it eventually and again thank you for the info. Jay
  10. The crankshaft for the C-10's engine is under the left front, wrapped in a blanket on a creeper, it was turned .020 at some time in the past.
  11. Dale, here is an example of First Born's suggestion. Didn't know how it was going to turn out but I'm happy with it and it's original. Don't have any Buicks but love the sound of their straight 8 Jay
  12. alsancle I did a search for Crosthwaite & Gardiner, Wow what a facility, I want to work there. I don't have the time now but I'll have to check out their site closer this evening. If i would win the powerball lottery do you think they would build me a front drive Miller? Jay
  13. Adrian, The motor I got from Old Foundry Toy Works is, I believe, the same as Monster Scooter Parts motor number MY1020 it is 4 1/4" Diameter and is 24 volts. As supplied from Monster Scooter Parts the motor will have a sprocket, Old Foundry sourced a gear from somewhere I don't know but what they did was to turn the motor shaft down to Approx. 1/4" and the shaft sheared in short order. The 4 1/4" diameter motor put the drive gear in fairly good mesh with the driven gear but I did use some shim stock between the motor and mount until I was happy with it. You can't get rid of the gear whi
  14. Adrian, I am curious as to how our cars compare in some of the build details. What is the serial number on your car, the number on our car is stamped on the frame and inside the body in the seat area. Do you know when they were built? The manufacturers name on the tires has been ground off of the tires. Can you post some photos? For those reading along I have been corresponding to Adrian about powering the car. Jay
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