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When a post of a couple of weeks ago was posted about the flashlight, I thought it was time again to list all of the Reatta stuff that has been available but is not been seen lately for the benefit of all the new members here on this forum. If I miss something which I usually do please add to the post

List not in any order of value

Reatta zippered portfolio which contains the pen, tire guage, flashlight, misc paperwork, signed page of people who worked on the project. Getting harder to find a complete portfolio

The Select 60 hood ornament for most likely the 90 convertible, but some discussion. Not seen lately

The pewter 1988 Reatta coupe model with the wood base, very rare, if you are new here and see one grab it they are quite pricy these days

Red plastic Reatta coupe, used to be a lot of them around, get one while you can

Reatta Prestone windshield de iceer has a photo of Reatta on can

Reatta large lighted sign, there were several for sale last year, have not seen one lately

And dont forget the December 08 issue of the Buick Bugle dedicated to the Reatta, I am sure there are still some copies around

The Reatta Christmas ornament that was a fund raiser by another division. Refer to the Buick Bugle for information

Reatta stuff seems to be getting more and more rare all of the time, I would say if you see, get it while you can

Some of this stuff might make a great gift for any Reatta collector.if you can find it

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Don't forget the factory literature. 1988 Reatta is a one year only color dealer brochure, these appear on Ebay and other places and is a good place to start with a Reatta collection.

Each year the Reatta was built after 1988, the car was part of the regular Buick brochure.

There are also the publications that went to the dealer for sales training. There is a Product Manual, and a Selling Manual for each year. These are 3 ring binders with information on the complete Buick line for each year. They happen to be the same exterior color as the Service Manual for the same year. These manuals have some top material samples and glossy paint samples.

There is also an "Ad Planner" and a "Competitive Analysis" 3 ring binder for each year. The ad planner has lots of glossy black and white plus color masters for sending to newspapers and magazines. Probably less desirable and harder to find than the Product and Selling Manuals.

There are also post cars and key rings that are getting harder to find. The people in Michigan, in the Flint and Lansing area may have an advantage in finding these.

Reatta license plates... the 1988 version is black background with silver lettering. Bob Popyk had these reproduced and there are some slight differences, so you can tell an original from the reproduction. In 1990 Buick make license plates for all the lines and the Reatta one is light grey background with Reatta in red. "Buick" and "Premium Motor Cars" is in dark blue.post-30596-143139278652_thumb.jpg

In addition to the pewter and red plastic Reatta model, there is one other very rare Reatta model. Hawtal Whiting Design and Engineering in England did the early work on Reattas. You can read the article by Helen Hutchings in the Dec 2008 Bugle. Hawtal Whiting made a model and present them to engineers and exec's that worked on the early development. I am attaching a picture with one given to Hugh Bowen that was the engineer on the doors. It is slightly larger than the pewter model but has great detail.....even a pinstripe.post-30596-143139278645_thumb.jpg

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Guest steveskyhawk

I have a complete Reatta leather portfolio for sale on ebay. 90 91 Buick Reatta Leather Owner's Portfolio Complete with Manual | eBay

This offering includes multiple "bonus" items that nobody else has, including the above mentioned brochure, an '88 Press Kit, brass KeyChain, "OK to ship Decal and genuine Craft Centre stationary. This would make an excellent Holiday gift.

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